A Message to Christians Who Support Gay Marriage

by Timothy Jerry One of the more disturbing trends that I have noticed concerning the gay marriage debate, are the number of professing Christians that support the Supreme Courts ruling on the matter. Many of these folks believe that people are born gay and that God has ordained their behavior. Adding to this confusion is… Read More »

Are Those Who Oppose Gay Marriage On the Wrong Side of History?

by Timothy Jerry One of my friends, who supports gay marriage, recently asked me, “How does it feel to be on the wrong side of history?” She was making reference to my opposition to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the subject. The premise of this question asserts that the court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage is… Read More »

Don’t Let Gay Activist Bullies Intimidate You

  “Gay activists like to bully people into silence through intimidation.” Gay Bullies: Gay activists have a very serious and clear objective and are using Hollywood, the liberal media, along with activist judges to propagate their agenda. Regrettably, they are succeeding in convincing the general public that homosexuality is as normal as baseball and apple… Read More »

Will You Be a Coward or a Courageous Christian?

Larry Tomczak With the unprecedented escalation and celebration of homosexuality; steamrolling of same-sex marriage; apostasy and compromise in Christian churches, ministries and organizations; the unbelievable governmental assault on our religious freedoms and hostility towards biblical values; the epidemic of out-of-wedlock births, sexual abuse, pornography, divorce, promiscuity, cohabitation and human trafficking; plus, continued execution of unborn… Read More »

Sodomy in America

Marriage between a man and woman stands as the foundation of all civilization. Abolish this institution and you destroy the very fabric of society itself. We must engage the culture by entering the public forum armed with the truth. No longer can we fold our hands and vainly imagine that it will all work out… Read More »