Israel’s Enemies Continue To Plot Her Destruction

Israel’s Enemies Continue To Plot Her Destruction


November 21, 2014 | Debbie Smith

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“Join us, let’s wipe the entire nation off the face of the earth so no one will remember Israel’s name.” While this sentence could be an excerpt from a recent speech by any one of a number of heads of state or Muslim leaders, it is actually taken from the Psalms, written thousands of years ago, but meant for our day.(Psalm 83:4 VOICE) It seems that daily, a new threat, from another of her enemies, surfaces and endangers the existence of Israel and the safety of her people. In a recent Twitter post, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, who represents the latest in a long line of Iranian officials who have advocated her annihilation, called for the destruction of the State of Israel. 

Khamenei proposes a here to fore “unspecified plan” and referendum that would establish a government in Palestine responsible for deciding whether Jewish immigrants to the State of Israel can rightfully stay in Israel, or will be deported back to “their home countries.” Khamenei states that his plan will be presented to the ‘international community”, and apparently, he is confident that the plan will be approved.

Perhaps, revealing his true intent, Khamenei insists that until this “government “can be formed,” a powerful confrontation and resolute armed resistance “is needed and proposes that those “interested in the destiny of Palestine” should arm the Palestinians’ in the West Bank. Not interested in mediation by the UN or any “peace” agreement, Khamenei believes that Israel would sabotage any attempts at peace, and only use them to take advantage of the Palestinians. Khamenei, characteristically, accused the Israeli government of crimes against its Arab citizens including; homicide and infanticide, the destruction of homes and farms, and the murder of Yasar Arafat, who Khamenei states was most “cooperative with the Zionists.” Elsewhere in the region, the call for armed aggression against Israel spreads like a virus. The Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS, plans to establish a caliphate in Egypt, a nation still reeling from last year’s military coup which ousted Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Mohamed Morsi.

Reportedly, the Egyptian security forces have been under attack from jihadists answering the call of the Islamic State which views establishing a caliphate in Egypt as “the first step toward the invasion of Jerusalem.” Additionally, an insurgency appears to be operating from bases in Gaza on the border with Egypt, as the Ansar al-Maqdis, and other jihadist groups, team up with ISIS, providing intelligence.

The bases are believed to be staffed by Gazans and Syrians who have returned from the fighting in Syria and Iraq.” In other words, Sinai is no longer a dangerous region subject to periodic terrorist attacks.

This is now a full-fledged insurgency,” according to Abdallah Schleifer a veteran American journalist and professor emeritus at the American University in Cairo.  Meanwhile in Jerusalem, the past several weeks have seen an upsurge in the violence as clashes over the Temple Mount continue.

In response, in Jordan, Israel’s neighbor to the right, with whom Israel has enjoyed a diplomatic relationship since 1994, violent protests escalated this week as Jordanians demanded their government sever ties with Israel and close the Israeli embassy in Amman. Some of these demands are coming from leadership in the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps the gravity of these developments can best be seen in the Jordanian government’s suggestion that the crisis in Jerusalem could endanger the peace treaty between the two countries, something not previously proposed, despite much bloodier conflicts occurring in the city’s history. And to the northeast, Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist organization, is also threatening Israel with an estimated” 100,000 rockets — 10 times as many as were in the Hamas arsenal — and that it’s 5,000 long-range missiles, located in Beirut and other areas deep inside Lebanon, are capable of carrying large warheads (of up to 1 ton and more), with precision guidance systems, covering all of Israel,” according to some estimates. Some IDF sources have estimated the number at more like 150,000 rockets. It appears that war with Hezbollah is inevitable, although the timing is uncertain, but will certainly be more costly than the Gaza conflict of late summer. As a result of the violent protests and deadly rioting in Israel over the past few days, the terror alert level was raised to the second highest on November, 9, and this in a country accustomed to violent terrorists acts and frequent rocket attacks. Truly, Israel lives in a “dangerous neighborhood”, full of enemies, plotting her destruction and seeking to remove any remembrance of her from people’s minds. May we all continue to” pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalm 122:6)


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