God in the Image of Man

God in the Image of Man

“In every condition of life, and in forming your opinions on every subject, let it be an established principle regulating your conduct, that nothing can be honorable which is morally wrong. Men who disregard or disbelieve revelation often err from the true standard of honor, by substituting public opinion of false maxims for divine laws. The character of God, his holy attributes, perfect law constitute the only models and rules of excellence and true honor. Whatever deviates from these rules must be wrong, and dishonorable…all the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.” Noah Webster

For more than fifty years our country has witnessed an escalating abandonment of the   absolute moral commandments of the Bible, in favor of moral relativism. Proponents of this view constantly tell us that our founding fathers were deists, and atheists, who intended our nation to be governed as a secular country, sighting radical Muslim nations to illustrate the oppressive nature of religion.

While I can’t deny that much evil has been perpetrated in the name of religion. To suggest that government and society as a whole is better off if left solely to man’s own choosing, is not only the pinnacle of human arrogance, but the denial of many of the evils that have come about in the last century because of a lack of moral absolutes.

We must deny the evidence of history, to draw the erroneous conclusion that religion is responsible for all of man’s woes. The worst atrocities in history have not been carried out by a religious people, but by those who imagined themselves to be answerable to no higher power than themselves. Rulers such as Lennon, and Mao Tse-tung butchered millions because they believed that man was the highest moral authority.

Human pride has led many to reject the moral absolutes of the Bible, and create a god of their own making. A god they can manipulate to agree with whatever they want to justify, no matter how twisted or perverse. To invoke this god, followers merely recite the sacred words, “To me god is…” And presto, their god is ready and willing to conform to whatever they want him,her or it to become at that moment. Sadly, this god only exists in their imagination.

“We see everyday that our imaginations are so strong and our reason so weak, the charms of wealth and power are so enchanting, and the belief of future punishments so faint that men find ways to persuade themselves to believe any absurdity, to submit to any prostitution, rather than forego their wishes and desires. Their reason becomes at last an eloquent advocate on the side of their passions, and [they] bring themselves to believe that black is white, that vice is virtue, that folly is wisdom and eternity a moment…” John Adams, 1772, our second U.S. President.

May this nation humble itself and turn back to the God of the Bible, to whom we owe our liberty, and very lives.



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