Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

By Timothy Jerry

Several states have passed gay rights initiatives.

Gay rights groups have managed to seize control of nearly every major media outlet. This has been an effective propaganda campaign of gorilla warfare, which ambushes anyone who dares to stand against the gay lifestyle.

Gay activists have managed to turn much of the straight community’s focus away from the completely unnatural practices of gays. With the help of the majority of the gay championing media, gays set out to normalize their behavior. If they were ever going to get their agenda through, they would have to paint gays as mainstream.

Shows like Will and Grace mixed humor to warm people up to the idea of gay men. Since then we have been inundated with everything from the blatant promotion of gays in movies like Broke Back Mountain, and Milk. To gay themes, strategically placed in so called children’s movies, such as Shrek. This has all been done in an attempt to soften up the public.

While the vast majority of adults are still adamantly opposed to the homosexual lifestyle, thanks to the effects of such propaganda, many heterosexuals now see nothing wrong with gay relationships.

Let me first say that I am anything but homophobic. I have nothing against gays as people; it’s simply their life style that I oppose. Gay activists and their supporters in the media slap the homophobe label on anyone who dares to raise opposition to their agenda. This term is wielded with the same implication as racism by gays, which brings me to my next point.

Along with a deliberate blitz of pro-gay propaganda, gay activists have managed to frame the gay lifestyle as a civil rights issue. This has allowed them the power of the law to impose their agenda on the public.

So just exactly why should we be opposed to granting equal marriage status to gays? After all, if two people genuinely love each other, shouldn’t they be allowed to marry?

What gays do in private is their business. We have privacy laws that protect people from government intrusion into their homes. However gays want to go public, and force everyone to accept their behavior, regardless of our religious convictions, or if nature itself compels us to oppose such practices.

Legalized gay marriage is what activists have been after for years, because now they will be able to use civil rights laws in order to mow down any and all opposition.

With gays granted equal marriage status, the gay lifestyle will be forcibly taught to all public school children, whether parents object or not.All employers (including religious) will be forced to hire gays or face law suites.

Along with recent passage of a needless hate crimes law, those who speak out in opposition to the gay lifestyle in the future will face arrest, and fines. This has been going on in England, and Canada for years, and is actually taking place hear already.

This is a moral tragedy of epic proportions.

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