Passover – Pesach – Unleavened Bread

Apr 8thToApr 16th

Passover – Pesach – Unleavened Bread

Every day from April 8 to April 16

The Passover Feast commemorates Israel’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Jews also celebrate the birth of the Jewish nation after being freed by God from captivity. Today, the Jewish people not only celebrate Passover as a historical event but in a broader sense, celebrate their freedom as Jews.

The Hebrew word Pesach means “to pass over.” During Passover, Jews take part in the Seder meal, which incorporates the retelling of Exodus and God’s deliverance from bondage in Egypt. Each participant of the Seder experiences in a personal way, a national celebration of freedom through God’s intervention and deliverance.

Hag HaMatzah (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) and Yom HaBikkurim (Firstfruits) are both mentioned in Leviticus 23 as separate feasts. However, today Jews celebrate all three feasts as part of the eight-day Passover holiday.

When Is the Passover Observed?

Passover begins on day 15 of the Hebrew month of Nissan (March or April) and continues for eight days. Initially, Passover began at twilight on the fourteenth day of Nissan (Leviticus 23:5), and then on day 15, the Feast of Unleavened Bread would begin and continue for seven days (Leviticus 23:6).