Covid 19 Vaccine – Some food for tought

Covid 19 Vaccine – Some food for tought

By Timothy Jerry

Here’s some food for thought. When going overseas people often get vaccinated for hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever and a number of other potential health risks. The idea is that they expect the vaccine to give their immune system the ability to fight off any potential exposure to these infections.

Yet now we are being told that essentially this new EXPERIMENTAL vaccine only works if everyone is vaccinated? 🤔 What sort of stupid logic is that?

Either this vaccine works or it doesn’t! So those who choose to be vaccinated should be safe from exposure to this virus. So why all the coercion for EVERYONE to take this vax if it actually works?

Again, why all the censorship and attacks against anyone who questions the safety of this vaccine?

For the past year the American public has been subjected to non stop propaganda and outright lies by government officials and the msm.

If you cannot see that there is far more going on here than meets the eye, you are either deceived or willingly ignorant!

Stop believing the lunacy that this is all for our safety and protection. The real concern should be our loss of liberty! Tyrants do not willingly relinquish control over people’s lives once they have it. Just give that some thought.

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