Abortion in America

Abortion in America


by Timothy Jerry

The American public is being denied an open and honest public dialogue on the subject of abortion by the far left media. The liberal press uses slanted journalism to employ its opinion upon the public. For example, whenever the mainstream press covers the topic of abortion, pro-life advocates are always referred to as anti-abortion, while abortion proponents are called pro-choice. It is far more appealing to the human mind to be pro rather than anti.

Abortion proponents regularly like to use rhetoric like “We are not for abortion, we are for a woman’s right to choose.” In other words, they are trying to tell us that they really don’t want to see abortions take place, but they don’t want a woman to be denied the right to choose for herself if she wants to keep her baby or abort it. The real problem with this argument is that it is simply hypocritical. We are talking about over 3000 babies that are being aborted every single day in this nation, that’s over 50 million since Roe vs. Wade was made law. So we are supposed to believe that abortion proponents are not pro-abortion? Get real!

Another piece of rhetoric often used by abortion advocates is “We would like to see abortion become rare.” This is simply telling everyone what we want to hear. Of course, nearly every American would like to see abortion become a rare procedure. The truth remains however that this will never become a reality as long as these radical far left organizations like Planned Parenthood, NOW (National Organization of Women), and NARL (National Abortion Rights League), have anything to say about it. Groups like these are pushing to see that abortion has absolutely no restrictions placed upon it whatsoever.

 The Red Herring in This Debate: One of the most common arguments put forth to stymie any attempt to restrict abortion is that of protecting the life of the mother, and cases involving rape and incest. While there are certainly cases where a mother may have to choose between her life and her unborn child, I am sure this is quite rare with the ability of doctors to perform c-sections today. While there certainly are cases of rape and incest involved in the abortion debate, this is nothing more than a red herring thrown out by the left to alarm the gullible and uninformed. Let’s face it; most abortions in this nation are used as a form of birth control. Unfortunately the abortion industry has worked hard to blind the public to this by devaluing the life of the unborn child.

Out of Site, Out of Mind:  I wonder just how many Americans have ever seen what an aborted baby actually looks like? I contend that if we were forced to witness exactly how gruesome of an act this is, it would change many people’s minds about abortion. But here again the mainstream media has done a great job of keeping the public in the dark. One would either have to have a heart of stone, or be willing to totally deny reality to witness pictures of an aborted baby and draw any other conclusion than the fact that this is a viable human being.

Here is one of the saddest commentaries on this subject. Many people in this country have convinced themselves that there are other topics of more importance than protecting the unborn. Do you know why? Because since they don’t have to witness this atrocity, they have conveniently convinced themselves that it really is not that bad.

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Saving the Whales, While Killing the Humans: Americans have lost their minds in their obsession with their love for pets. Do you know that we spend more money on dog and cat food in this country than we do on all the combined giving towards world missions?

I like my dog and cat as well as the next guy, but let’s keep this in perspective. I certainly would not risk the life of my family for one of my pets. Yet people go crazy over saving whales, owls, and other animals, but think nothing of the killing of over 3000 human beings every day through abortion.

There is something very disturbing when a nation passes laws to protect the lives of animals, yet defends the killing their own young! Now I can hear people screaming already. So you think abortion is murder? Well just what else would you call it? It is far more than an unwanted or terminated pregnancy. We are talking about the willful, premeditated termination of a human life. I would certainly think that would be defined as murder, wouldn’t you?

Schizophrenic Nation: In nearly every state in the U.S., a woman can walk into an abortion clinic and legally choose to abort her baby up to nine months into the pregnancy, and this is defended as her constitutional right? Yet if that same woman were to give birth to that nine-month-old child, then strangles him or her to death, she would be arrested for murder. Now tell me this is not schizophrenic! I have watched documentaries of doctors operating on five-month-old babies while in the womb to correct a physical defect, yet all over the nation perfectly healthy babies are being aborted at the same term of pregnancy.

Why do pro-abortionists see their baby as a child when they want the child, yet convince themselves that it is not a viable human being if they do not want the baby? I wonder how children must feel whose mothers chose to abort their older brother or sister because they felt it was a bad time to have a child, and then determined to keep them because they felt the time was right? I guess they can sleep easy knowing they were not the oldest.

Big Business, Big Money, and Babies for Sale: Make no mistake about it, abortion is a for-profit business. Although somehow Planned Parenthood, (which is an oxymoron, seeing they are one of the nations largest abortion industries) has managed to be classified as a nonprofit corporation.

All the talk about embryo and stem cell research is far more reaching than the abortion of living laboratory cells. What these large research companies see is the potential to grow human fetuses in artificial wombs, harvest their body parts, and sell them for huge profits. Whenever a dollar can be made from something, there will always be those who justify any actions to satisfy their greed

In June 2005, Dr. Robert Lanza and other researchers at Advance Cell Technology in Massachusetts published a paper reporting that they created cloned cow embryos, grew them in utero to four months, aborted and killed the fetal cows, obtained liver tissue cells, and transplanted them into adult cows. The authors reported this as an advance in “therapeutic” cloning with future application to humans.

Researchers have already developed artificial womb-like environments to grow animal embryos into fetuses. Dr. Hung-Ching Liu of Cornell University has grown mouse embryos nearly to term in artificial wombs

The New Jersey state legislature, with an enormous push from the biotech industry has passed a bill that specifically authorizes and encourages fetal farming by allowing human clones to be gestated up until the equivalent time of birth. Wisconsin Right to Life Executive Director, Barbara Lyons ‘Human Cloning Way More Than Stem Cells!’ Fall 2005 issue.

This reminds me of something out of the movie ‘The Matrix,’ where humans are grown by machines, and then harvested like plants. Sound crazy? Well just give us about ten to twenty more years if we allow this type of research to go unchecked, and you will see universities and hospitals around the country moving to get in on the profits to be made in this body farming.

I would urge you to read the remarkable book coauthored by former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop M.D., and the late Francis A. Schaeffer entitled ‘What Ever Happened to the Human Race?’ This amazingly prophetic book was written in 1979, but is as relevant to the devaluing of human life as if it were written this year.

On page 57 they quote Dr. J. Engelburt Duphy, a noted leading instructor in surgery. The following is an excerpt from his speech given before the Massachusetts Medical Society in 1976: “We cannot destroy life. We cannot regard the hydrocephalic child as a non-person and accept the responsibility for disposing of it like a sick animal. If there are those in society who think this step would be good, let them work for a totalitarian form of government where, beginning with the infirm and incompetent and ending with the intellectually dehiscent, non-persons are disposed of day and night by those in power.

History shows clearly the frighteningly short steps from “the living will” to “death control’ to “thought control” and finally to the systematic elimination of all but those selected for slavery or to make up the master race. We physicians must take care that support of an innocent but quite unnecessary “living will” does not pave the way for us to be the executioners while the decisions for death are made by a panel of “objective experts” (or a judge) or by big brother himself. The year of 1984 is not far away!”

Wow! Abortion, euthanasia, and all forms of assisted suicide, or so called mercy killing serves to remove the checks a society needs to maintain the value of human life. Any time we allow the quality of life of an individual to determine the value of that life, we begin to play God. Who are we to tell a handicap person, or a poor person, or a supposed unwanted baby that his or her life is not to be valued because of what someone else considers an acceptable quality of life? What right do we have to tell a deformed person, or mentally handicapped individual that they have no right to live because we don’t think their life is worth as much as a so called normal person.

Pregnancy Prevention and Abortion Alternatives: Obviously one of the ways to reduce abortions is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

I am not of the opinion that birth control is evil, or that youth or adults should not be using birth control if they are going to be engaged in premarital sex. Sometimes it is simply naïve to tell people already engaged in premarital sex to simply stop and practice abstinence. Without a serious spiritual heart change this is probably not going to happen. Therefore the next best thing is to give them some options in birth control. I understand this is the last avenue of prevention, but it must be presented if people are engaged in a relationship that may result in pregnancy.

We often wait until it is far too late to begin abstinence education. We do not have enough ongoing education to prevent bad choices as kids grow into their teen and young adult years. In this day and age, we need to talk about the birds and the bees on a regular basis, not just once. The amount of peer pressure on kids to have sex is incredible. Add to this the overt sexualization of our society through the influence of various media outlets, and is it any wonder why kids are engaged in sex at a younger age all the time?

This said the wrong organizations are minding the store. The last group I want providing advice on sex is Planned Parenthood, or some other ungodly liberal organization or individual. These people do not operate on an absolute standard of morals, and therefore in my estimation are disqualified to be telling young people, or anyone else for that matter, how to plan their reproductive activities.

Many of these organizations are also great advocates of abortion, as well as abortion providers. Giving them opportunity to counsel a high school girl, who finds herself pregnant, is the equivalent of the fox guarding the hen house. Organizations like NARL (National Abortions Rights League) and Planned Parenthood have lobbied to stop abstinence education in public schools. They have viciously attacked pro-life judicial nominees, and fought to stop parental notification. Think of this for a moment. A teenager cannot be given so much an aspirin without parental notification, yet these people want to allow our daughters to have abortions without their parents ever finding out. Abortion is a major medical procedure that cannot only cause incredible physiological trauma for years to come. It can result in a woman’s inability to ever have children in the future, or even result in their own death, if botched.

Fortunately many right-to-life groups have raised up pregnancy resource centers that will give women and teens sound council about the consequences of an abortion, and alternatives such as open adoption. These organizations will help with resources, financial aid, and post pregnancy care for mother and child. While there is no such thing as a perfect organization, they are certainly some of the best-qualified people to give pregnancy counseling.

Action Points: So what are some practical actions that you as an individual can take to make a difference?

1. Stop voting for people who are not strong pro-life candidates. Every time you cast a vote for a politician who does not stand for the unborn you are advocating abortion. I don’t care if they are a Republican or Democrat, I will not vote for a pro-abortion candidate period! Pro-abortion candidates will nearly always vote along party lines to support the right of a woman to abort her child. Pro-abortion candidates have fought tooth and nail to block pro-life judges, and to assure that abortion on demand remains the right of women in this nation. Note: Barak Obama is the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history, and yet many Christians voted for him. This is a prime example of what why this sort of evil continues to grow.

2. Begin to educate yourself against the Postmodern, Materialist worldview which devalues human life. This worldview is so prevalent in our country that people no longer see it as abnormal, or ungodly. This worldview sees all life as the result of chance and matter. Those who embrace this belief system do not see the human being as a divinely created individual made in the likeness of their creator, and therefore to be valued as a created unique being.  From the Materialist point of view we are all simply part of the animal kingdom, and our survival is a matter of the fittest, not a matter of worth. These are all born out of the Postmodern, Materialist worldview that for the most part has gone unchecked in our society since the early 1970s.

3. Support Pregnancy Resource Centers. These centers offer real alternatives to abortion for women who need support. They offer free counseling, as well as post birth adoption support. http://pregnancyresource.org/

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