Pride’s Deception

Pride’s Deception

A person’s own foolishness ruins his life. But in his mind he blames the Lord for it. (Proverbs 19:3) 

People do not like to take responsibility for their actions. The very first thing that Adam did when God confronted him about eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, was to first blame Eve, and then blame God. This pattern has never stopped to this very day.

Pride is such a destructive and deceptive thing. We often imagine pride to only apply to those who boast about themselves, and their accomplishments, talents, or abilities. While this certainly is the most apparent form of pride, it is far from the only type.

I would suggest that the most destructive type of pride is the stubborn refusal of people to admit that they have offended God through their rejection of His laws, and precepts. People like to make every excuse for themselves, and then blame God when their lives fall apart.

When we come to Christ, God never promises us that everything in this life will be rosy. Jesus warns us that just the opposite will happen. He tells us that people will hate you because they hated Me. Your enemies will be your own family members, and your friends. They will hate you because they want to justify themselves, and blame you for shining the light on their sins.

It is very easy to see that whenever the topic of sin, repentance, and judgment are raised with people that they immediately become defensive, and like to accuse the messenger for bringing the light. This is how people live in deception.

This reminds me of the movie ‘The Matrix,’ where those who are a part of the Matrix will go to any length to stop those who would awaken them from their dream world.

I confess that I am no better than anyone else. God does not love me any more than He loves the person whom we would consider the vilest. Jesus shed His blood for the sins of all of humanity, and calls to all to come to Him for mercy and forgiveness.

I had to repent, and receive His salvation just as every other person must. I only offer the truth. If you hate me for doing so, that is your choice, I cannot help that. If you hate God because He commands that your turn from sin, I cannot force you to change.

If you die in your sin, you will have to face God and give an account for your actions. I urge you, to humble yourself today, and surrender to His love.


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