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America: A Christian or a Secularist Nation?

by David Barton In a Boston Review article entitled “The Eternal Return of the Christian Nation,” Stanford history professor Richard White first belittles and then attempts to dispel what he terms the “myth” of a Christian nation. To prove his point, he opens his piece by quoting John Adams’ comment that: “It was never pretended… Read More »

‘Christian hating’ group to advise feds on violent extremism

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council by Leo Hohmann The Obama Justice Department has stooped to a new low by teaming up with an organization of dubious credibility – the Southern Poverty Law Center – to combat domestic terrorism, says the leader of a Christian group that has felt the sting of the… Read More »

The Demonizing of Christianity

by Dr. Michael Brown – Published by Charisma Today, Bible-bashing and Christian-mocking is a favorite pastime on social media, replete with unprintable insults, ugly invective and death wishes galore. Simply stated, it has become part of the larger pop culture. When a white supremacist murdered black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, there was national outrage… Read More »