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Twilight of Abundance – Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Bruthish, And Short

  This is a book that clearly exposes the global warming hoax for what it is, and reveals that we are headed for a major global cool down that could have devastating effects upon millions around the world.  Timothy Jerry   Baby boomers enjoyed the most benign period in human history: fifty years of relative… Read More »

Did Jesus Really Die as the Substitute for Our Sins?

The doctrine that Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, taking our punishment, has come under increasing attack in recent years. (Matthew Brunton/Flickr/Creative Commons) by Michael Brown Did Jesus really pay for our sins on the cross, taking our punishment for us? Did He really die as an atoning sacrifice on our behalf? In… Read More »

The Rise of Global Anti-Semitism

Tom Olago There is little doubt that anti-Semitism is on the rise globally, based largely on the age-old Arab/Israeli tensions centered on Palestine, Jerusalem and the dispute over other Israeli-controlled territories. More recently, anti-Semitism has been fuelled by the rise of radical Islam, currently exemplified best by ISIS, as well as the ongoing tensions between… Read More »

Israel: As Seen Through the Eyes of an American Millennial

By Chelsen Vicari Chelsen Vicari serves as the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. “Zionist” is not a term I would use to describe myself, at least, not before last Tuesday. As I found myself huddled and shaking in a bomb shelter along the Israel/Gaza Strip border as missiles fired overhead,… Read More »

Have Plans For The Antichrist Confederacy Just Been Announced In Turkey?

September 04, 2014 | Walid and Theodore Shoebat Share this article In an amazing announcement that just came out today and was published throughout the Muslim world, including even CNN Arabic Version, The Chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi whose union represents the largest body of Muslim scholars worldwide and… Read More »