12 Facts About Islam for a Post-Truth Society

12 Facts About Islam for a Post-Truth Society

It’s becoming common knowledge that we’re now living in a “Post-truth” society. Facts no longer matter to this liberal generation: only how those facts make people feel. This has led to complete absurdities.

For example many people now believe that there are over 300 genders. We’re not allowed to assert the obvious truth that there are in fact, only two – male and female – because it may hurt someone’s feelings to say so. When a 52-year-old Canadian man called Paul recently chose to identify as a 6-year-old girl called Stefonkee, we weren’t allowed to state the plain truth that he is in fact, still just a 52-year-old man, because that might make him sad. When a man in Britain identified as a dog and a woman in Norway identified as a cat, we couldn’t tell them to stop being daft and come back to reality, because that might have offended them too. Today, when a man chooses to put on a dress, a wig, mutilates his body and calls himself a woman, we’re all forced to go along with it and pretend that genetics and science have somehow stopped mattering.

The truth does hurt sometimes. But one area where it’s hurt the world most is in regard to Islam. Since its inception 1400 years ago, Islam has been responsible for over half the world’s religious wars. In the last ten years alone, 18,000 deadly acts of terror have been committed in its name. And every time a new atrocity occurs, the shackles of political correctness have been tied around tongues to spare feelings. We are spun the same tired nonsense that “Islam is a religion of peace”. That “terrorism has nothing to do with Islam”. That “ISIS have hijacked a beautiful faith.” And if anyone has dared to break free and state some facts on the issue, they were more than likely unfairly shouted down as “bigots”, “Islamophobes” and “racists”. I’m sorry, but at some point, the truth must start mattering again. So here’s a short video highlighting just a few truths about Islam:

And this, by the way? Tip. Of. The. Iceberg.

Doesn’t the world make a little more sense now? Palestinians aren’t obsessed with destroying Israel because of political grievances. They’re obsessed because their murderous ideology tells them that it’s their duty to wipe all Jews from the earth. ISIS are torturing and chopping off heads because that’s exactly what Muhammad did. They’re misogynistic because Muhammad was. When his followers had reservations about raping women in front of their husbands, he told them to get on with it. They’re killing people who leave Islam because Muhammad told them to. They’re merely following the instructions of a suicidal warlord who himself thought he was insane or demon-possessed. Hard truth isn’t it? A lot of potential hurt feelings here. But truth nonetheless. All stated explicitly in the Quran and Hadith, and all backed up by centuries of history and present day Middle Eastern societies.

Now with all this in mind, isn’t it just common sense to have some reservations about letting hundreds of thousands of Muhammad’s followers stream into our society without appropriate security checks? You simply can’t blame people for noticing the facts and wanting to go forward with a deep sense of caution. It’s not hateful or bigoted, it’s just sensible. Politicians are still figuring out how to handle the refugee crisis, as are the church, and undoubtedly mistakes are being made on all sides. But a lot of good points are being smothered too because there are still people out there who insist on wailing about hurt feelings when the inconvenient truth shows up.

Yes, we all know a nice Muslim who’s decent enough not to take his religion seriously, and yes we do need to love even our enemies…but that doesn’t mean switching off our brains and throwing truth under a bus. Leftist celebrities and politicians, it’s time to sit down and listen to the legitimate concerns of ordinary people. Foot-stompers and tantrum-throwers, if you want to leave the country in protest, then do it. No-one is stopping you. Go live in Saudi Arabia or Iran and tell us how that works out for you. You’ll discover some hard truth that way. But the rest of us who want to stay and talk about real solutions – how we love these people as Jesus commanded without switching off our brains and jeopardising innocent lives – then we must at least have as our foundation an agreement to stop being so utterly, and wilfully absurd. The truth must start mattering to this generation again before we can move forward. And this is our base camp: to acknowledge once and for all that Islam is not a religion of peace and simply never has been.

For more facts and reading on how we became a “Post Truth society”, pick up “The War On Truth: How A Generation Abandoned Reality”.

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